3-in-1 Nursing Scarf : The Various Uses


The La Petite Ourse 3-in-1 nursing scarf is a product loved by parents in the community! Not only is it a versatile and trendy product, it is also so easy to carry around.

Here is a short presentation of the product and its multiple uses and now available in 4 new colours.

What is a nursing scarf?

A nursing scarf can also be called a nursing shawl or even a breastfeeding scarf. As its name suggests, its main purpose is to breastfeed your baby discreetly if needed. Easy to put on, the scarf has 2 openings including a smaller one meant to be placed near your own neck. Thus, the scarf will stay in place throughout its use, unlike a blanket simply placed on the shoulder.

Different Uses

Our 3-in-1 scarf lives up to its name since it is not only a nursing scarf.It can also serve as a car seat cover and scarf for mom.


1) Nursing scarf

It allows you to breastfeed in complete privacy if needed.



2) Perfect as a car seat cover

Whether you’re on the go or on your walks, the 3-in-1 scarf blocks the wind and sun from Baby’s face.


3) Scarf for mom

With its many colours available, you can now choose the print of your choice and wear the scarf as an accessory!


4) Bonus Feature: Grocery Cart Protector

You can also place the scarf on top of a shopping cart and place your Baby on top of it. Thus, your grocery cart will automatically become more hygienic for baby's curious hands and mouth!


Here are the 4 new prints available now on the online store at only $22.50 each.



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