What is a Diaper Pod?


Cloth diapers fans will be delighted with this product that is gaining popularity in the United States: a brand-new storage bag called the Diaper Pod.

What is a Diaper Pod?
Very useful during outings, the Diaper Pod is mainly used to store ready-to-use diapers for the whole day. Since it is made from the same fabric as the standard wet bag, the Diaper Pod is also resistant and waterproof. This versatile little bag can also store clothes and all kinds of products for the whole family!

The shape and dimensions of this bag make it possible to properly store the assembled diapers. Organization lovers and especially diaper covers users will be delighted! If you are using diaper covers for your child, you can assemble them in advance and store them in this bag to prevent the inserts from moving.

During days out, it can be practical to have 2 bags at your disposal: the first one to store clean diapers and the second for soiled ones. Thus, the Diaper Pod fulfills the first function and the wet bag is perfect for the second function. Of course, as mentioned earlier, both bags are made of the same resistant and waterproof fabric (PUL). Therefore both bags can be used for either function.

The Diaper Pod can also be very handy for keeping a few clean diapers in different rooms of your home, preventing you from constantly moving from room to room.


Why is this bag called a Pod?
Have you ever heard the expression: “Like two peas in a pod”? This expression allows us to better understand the name of this bag. Just like peas in their pod, this storage bag keeps diapers neatly tucked away tightly against each other to prevent movement and keep them in order.

Special features of the La Petite Ourse’s Diaper Pod

  • The La Petite Ourse’s Diaper Pod has 2 layers of PUL providing additional protection against moisture and liquids. It is precisely the PUL that allows wet bags and pail liners not to soak.
  • The dimensions of the Pod storage bag are 27cm wide x 17cm deep x 17cm high.
  • The bag can contain 8 to 10 cloth ready-to-use diapers.
  • The Diaper Pod is made with 10 recycled plastic bottles, making it the fourth product in the LPO ECO collection.
  • All of our Diaper Pods prints will also be available as cloth diapers, allowing you to purchase your favorite prints as matching sets

We are convinced that the Diaper Pod will be an absolute must-have for all cloth diapering parents who desire to be more organized. What's not to love about this new accessory that makes the cloth diapering experience more enjoyable than ever?

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