Why do many families opt for cloth diapers?


Throughout the years, more and more families have been purchasing cloth diapers. Unknown at first, they grew in popularity and became the alternative to disposable diapers for parents. Let’s take a look at 3 significant benefits of making the swap.

First and foremost, it is great to remind ourselves that using cloth diapers is eco-friendly as it is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. In fact, the amount of water and raw materials needed to produce cloth diapers is substantially low compared to the disposable ones. On top of this, you only need around 20 diapers for your baby and good news: you can use them again for the next one or even donate them. A child uses an average of 6000 disposable diapers. By opting for cloth diapers, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of waste in your family.

As an average of 20 diapers is enough for a baby, needless to say that you will be able to save a great deal of money every week since you won’t need to constantly buy diapers. That is a lot of money that can be invested somewhere else!

Last but not least, cloth diapers are the safest for your little one's skin. Since our diapers are made of certified fabrics, we are able to affirm that they do not contain any toxic substances and meet the requirements of standards set by governments. Therefore you can use them without having to worry about the components in your cloth diapers.

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