New LPO ECO Wet Bags & Pail Liner made from recycled plastic



The fabric made from recycled plastic used to create LPO ECO diapers is so appreciated by our customers that we have decided to expand the collection by adding wet bags and pail liners!

The Astronaut wet bag from the brand-new Dream Jobs collection, the Cactus wet bag and the Starlit Sky pail liner will be the very first LPO ECO accessories in a series of several to come!

When developing LPO ECO diapers, we did research and tests to ensure the effectiveness of this new type of raw material and  can say with confidence that our fabric made of recycled plastic is of high quality. Thus, the diapers and now the new LPO ECO accessories have the same effectiveness and the same softness as our products from the standard collection.

Each small LPO ECO wet bag is made with more than four recycled plastic bottles!
Each LPO ECO pail liner is made with approximately 14 recycled plastic bottles!


We now have a new section that highlights our products made of recycled plastic fabric.


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