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Here is a list of items you will need to start the adventure of cloth diapering!

20-25 cloth diapers
You will need between 20 and 25 cloth diapers to be able to use them full time, depending on how many washes you do. As your baby is changed about 7-9 times in his first months, a minimum of 20 diapers is strongly recommended.

It is possible to create a batch of washable diapers including several different models: pocket diaper, all-in-one diaper and diaper cover. To find out the characteristics of the different diaper models, see questions 8 and 9.

Some families like to use a combination of different diaper designs to meet their child's different needs, while others prefer to use just one diaper design that meets all of their needs.

Liners (+- 1 roll per month)
These liners are rather indispensable! They are used to separate the stool from the diaper, so that the diapers can be put in the washer without any problem. These liners are disposable, which allows the stool to be eliminated easier. You will need to use 1 per diaper.

Additional Information: If your baby is exclusively breastfed, you can delay using the liners since their stools are water soluble at that stage. On the other hand, as soon as your baby starts eating solids or taking formula, you will have to eliminate the stools before washing the diapers.

We also offer washable liners. They serve the same purpose as disposable liners but are machine washable, like diapers. However, be sure to remove any remaining stool from the liners before washing.

Wet bags (4-5 in total)
These bags are mainly used during outings and for daycare. You will need about 2 or 3 of them at the very beginning (for your outings), then about 4 or 5 to bring your diapers to daycare every day. These bags have a strong waterproof capacity which allows you to store your soiled diapers in complete safety (up to 5 per bag). * This bag is also very practical for dirty clothes and wet bathing suits, for the whole family!

Bag for soiled diapers (Deluxe Bag)
This large bag allows you to store your diapers in between washes at home. It is possible to store up to 20 soiled diapers in it. It is recommended to wash it with the soiled diapers every 2-3 days.

The luxury bag has an elastic that can be placed securely in a basket or hung using its 2 loops. It also has a zipper at the bottom to allow you to empty its content without any hassle. It also has 2 loops with press studs so it can be attached more easily regardless of the location.

Several types of detergent do the job very well. What is important to know is:
1- Your detergent should not be designed specifically for babies (this type of detergent is not strong enough to wash diapers in depth).
2- Your detergent should not contain fabric softener (so that your diapers can remain absorbent).

See a video on the subject!
Since a newborn will be changed approximately 7-8 times a day, having an average of 20-25 cloth diapers is recommended. Then, as they grow older, 20 diapers will suffice because your child will need to be changed less often.

In addition to that, we recommend washing your soiled diapers every 2 or 3 days to prevent the diapers from getting clogged. If you make the decision to wash diapers at a longer interval of days, problems are more likely to arise. If that happens, we recommend consulting our guide to stripping and disinfecting diapers.
We have been doing business with the same supplier located in China since the creation of the La Petite Ourse brand more than 9 years ago. We visited the facilities in 2016 as well as in 2019 to maintain an open and trusting relationship with them.
Making cloth diapers as accessible as possible is the first goal we set for ourselves when building our business. By offering our products at this price, it is not possible to manufacture them at home. Our very competitive prices are due to the fact that there is no middleman between our China-based supplier and us. In addition, we spend very little money on advertising and rely more on word of mouth and the satisfaction of our many customers for the prosperity of the business.
1- Wash the diapers
Washing diapers (diapers and inserts) gets rid of extra sewing threads. Afterwards, you can wash the inserts 2 more times (drying them between each wash) to make them more absorbent before you start using cloth diapers.

2- Detergent
Using the right detergent will make all the difference. First, your soap should not contain fabric softener, since the ingredients present in this type of detergent could affect the performance of your diapers in the long run. Secondly, don't use baby detergent as it isn't concentrated enough to wash diapers well. The amount to use is mainly the maximum recommended amount of soap.

3- Find a good storing method
Close the Velcro on their flaps after use if using pocket diapers with Velcro. Place soiled diapers in a laundry basket or storage bag (Deluxe bag) for soiled diapers. It is important to wash the diapers every 2 or 3 days to avoid clogging your soiled diapers.

Do not soak or rinse diapers before storing them in a soiled diaper bag as they should be kept as dry as possible. If you rinse your diapers, you must hang them to air dry and wash them within 24 hours. A good storage routine should normally leave no odor. This is also why we added a small piece of fabric in the luxury bag to be able to place a few drops of your favorite essential oil.
We are exclusively an online store. Thus, it is not possible to view LPO products directly through our company before purchasing them. Our very competitive prices and satisfied customers are proof of our success. If you're not sure you want a full set of cloth diapers, we suggest purchasing our trial kit. It's a simple way to try our diapers and let yourself be convinced!
It is recommended to wash and dry the inserts up to 3 times before their first use. This allows the fabric to gain maximum absorbency and to clean them of any extra sewing threads that would have gotten stuck during manufacturing. The more the inserts are washed, the more absorbent they will become. You can consult our maintenance section for more information.

After use
Close the Velcro on their flaps after use if using pocket diapers with Velcro. Place soiled diapers in a laundry basket or storage bag (Deluxe bag) for soiled diapers. If you rinse your diapers, you should hang them to air dry and wash them within 24 hours. Note that it is not necessary to remove the inserts before washing our diapers, they will come out automatically thanks to the double-opening pocket.

First, your soap should not contain fabric softener, since the ingredients present in this type of detergent could affect the performance of your diapers. Secondly, don't use baby detergent as it isn't concentrated enough to wash diapers well. A good washing routine helps maintain the absorbency of inserts and diapers.

Rinse in cold water before the main washing cycle, then wash in warm or hot water depending on your preference.

The inserts can go in the dryer. The same goes for the diapers and diaper covers if you make sure you don't handle them when they're hot or over-dry them. This step tightens the threads and elastics, and “re-seals” the polyurethane laminate (PUL) that covers the outer fabric (the waterproof membrane). You can sometimes sun dry your inserts and diapers as it is an excellent whitener and antibacterial agent, but please note that sun drying your diapers and covers may dry out the elastics and wear them out prematurely, in which case the warranty will no longer be applicable.
All La Petite Ourse pocket diapers contain an insert pocket. This means that you should place one or two inserts inside, depending on your baby's needs. As you may have noticed, each one of our pocket diapers has two openings for easy fitting of the diapers (placing inserts in the pocket). It may seem trivial, but this second opening is very practical; it allows you to put the entire diaper in the washing machine without having to remove the inserts. These two openings allow the inserts to come out during washing. One less step!

Our two openings have been created to facilitate the washing and the installation of the insert!

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The AIO (All-in-one) diaper is a winning recipe because it includes an opening at the back to insert more inserts for greater absorption capacity and also includes a booster. This booster is actually a charcoal insert with two press studs, allowing it to be fixed directly inside the AIO diaper. The booster offers a dry effect on the top as well as a soft gray interior for baby's skin. It is made of one layer of microfiber and four layers of bamboo (absorbs 6.5 oz).

The AIO diaper offers a precise fit, thanks to the 4 rows of snaps on the front of the diaper, just like the pocket diaper.

In addition to that, the inner lining of the AIO diaper is made of one layer of microfiber and three layers of bamboo (absorbs up to 6 oz). Thus, an AIOdiaper offers a total absorption of 12.5 oz when mounted with the booster that comes with the purchase of the diaper.

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"La Petite Ourse" washable diapers can be used overnight. All you need is a night insert. It is absorbent enough that you can use the same diapers by simply changing the insert inside. The night insert consists of two layers which can be fastened together using press studs.

Note that the need for absorption varies from baby to baby. Thus, a baby can stay dry all night with the inserts that come with the diaper while others will need a little more absorption, thanks to the night insert or other types of inserts.

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Visit our insert absorbency guide for more information on the pros and cons of different types of inserts in addition to their absorbency levels.
We don't have training pants, but our swim diapers can absolutely be used for potty training. Many families appreciate LPO swim diapers to potty train their child since they are much thinner than a standard washable diaper but still have an absorption capacity of 4 oz in case of damage.
As many already know, the LPO bamboo inserts have changed for more than 2 years now (July 2020). Thus, all pocket diapers created since that date now have 2 bamboo inserts with an absorption capacity of 6.5 oz each (previously 4.5 oz).

But then, how do we differentiate these new inserts from the old ones? Many families might have a mix of these 2 generations of inserts at home. Here's how to recognize the new generation of inserts:


The bamboo inserts with an absorbency of 6.5 oz have this label (unfolded view in image). Thus, the new inserts have the mention "CA 58844" while the old inserts have either only the logo of La Petite Ourse or the logo and its composition.

Yes, we offer a special discount for twins. It is an additional 10% discount on an order containing 40 diapers or more. To benefit from the discount, contact us at info@lapetiteourse.ca.
Visit our compatible creams page for our recommendations on which creams to use with your diapers.
Our pocket diapers can be used as a pool diaper, but there are some points that differentiate it from a “normal” pool diaper.

First of all, pool diapers have a mesh interior which dries very quickly, unlike pocket diaper interiors which are made of suede which takes longer to dry.

The other important point would also be the daily use. If you decide to get a regular diaper for use in the pool, we suggest that you stop using it as an everyday diaper afterwards. The chlorine and the products used in the swimming pool could alter the performance of your washable diaper.

That being said, there is no problem, if you feel like it, using one of your washable diapers as a pool diaper, but diapers designed for this purpose are still more practical and more accepted in swimming lessons. swimming pool!
The best way to place the liner is to put it a little further back since this is the area you want to cover the most. Make sure the diaper is snug enough without being uncomfortable for your child.

It is also normal that the sheet does not always stay in place since your child will crawl or move at a young age. When your child is able to stand and walk, the liner will stay in place more. LPO liners are larger in width than a one size diaper. Thus, it is normal for the slip to protrude on each side of the diaper. Once the diaper is on the baby, simply push the sheet back inside the diaper.
To do our part in the management of plastic waste, La Petite Ourse has developed a unique range of washable diapers and accessories.
  • Each LPO ECO cloth diaper is made with more than 2 recycled plastic bottles;
  • Each LPO ECO wet bag is made with more than 4 recycled plastic bottles;
  • Each Deluxe LPO ECO pail bag is made with over 14 recycled plastic bottles!

    We have developed this collection through extensive research and testing to ensure the effectiveness of this new type of raw material. We therefore know that the raw materials and techniques used are of high quality!

    Polyester, being the main raw material of our washable diapers, was designed thanks to the recovery of plastic bottles for this unique collection.

    We wanted to develop the LPO ECO collection to allow as many customers as possible who are concerned about helping the environment to encourage circular practices.
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