A Compromise Between Cloth Diapers and Disposables: New Disposable Inserts


A Compromise Between Cloth Diapers and Disposables: New Disposable Inserts

You may be one of those who have mixed feelings about using cloth diapers, and we can understand why! This is a habit that was further abandoned with the arrival of disposable diapers in 1942 thanks to their easy use. On the other hand, like many other products in our current society, single-use products can contain their share of negative aspects too.

Many young parents today recognize the importance of being environmentally and budget-friendly. This explains the rise in popularity of cloth diapers which not only meet the needs of babies by being absorbent and soft on the skin, but also by being better for the environment and making considerable savings.

Many parents may feel stuck between these 2 options which somewhat reflect the “all or nothing” ideology. That's why we decided to add disposable inserts to our product offering to meet the needs of more parents.

The idea is not to replace washable inserts (far from it!), but rather to offer a more eco-friendly alternative to a greater number of families.   

Disposable inserts, as the name suggests, are single-use inserts. But several things differentiate disposable inserts for cloth diapers from a fully disposable diaper.

  • Disposable inserts are made from wood pulp.
  • They contain a minimum of super absorbent polymer (4g per insert compared to disposable diapers which contain 20g).
  • They can simply be placed in a diaper cover or cloth diaper.

* It is possible to reuse the diaper cover or the cloth diaper if it has not been soiled.

  • Disposable inserts are chlorine-free, dye-free and fragrance-free.
  • They have an absorbency of 14 oz (415 ml).

Disposable inserts are also a great alternative for parents who primarily use cloth diapers for outings, trips, daycare, or any other circumstances where you use disposable diapers.

Thus, by opting for a disposable insert instead of a disposable diaper, you still considerably reduce your ecological footprint in addition to benefiting from the positive aspects of each of the parties.

How to use disposable inserts

Note that the disposable insert is compatible with any cloth diaper type.

Place the insert in the diaper cover or any other cloth diaper model. If you are using a pocket diaper, place the insert above the pocket so that the insert is facing against your baby's skin. Adjust the diaper to your baby as usual. When changing the baby, open the diaper, remove the soiled insert, replace it with a new insert and readjust the diaper on your baby.

Note that it is possible to reuse the diaper cover or cloth diaper if it has not been soiled.

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